Cosmic dance

cosmic dance

Cosmic Dance Acrylic on canvas, 36″x36″, Original and Prints available.

Nataraja is the form of Lord Shiva, performing the cosmic dance – Tandava. It is believed to be the dance of creation as well as destruction, and provides a rhythm to the universe.

Shiva is a complex character. His temples are mystic, and located in unusual locations – caves, hilltops or by the sea. He has a dark side – and practitioners of that side of faith are usually found in the slopes of the Himalayas – with dreadlocks and ash smeared on their bodies. The Hindu faith advocates multiple paths to enlightenment. Knowledge, action and faith are three of them. And faith in itself has a multitude of paths – some of which can be fairly inexplicable to the casual onlooker.

Published by Shwetha Srinivasan

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